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Welcome to UrbanDeck – your favorite gazebo Toronto builder and designer. Whether you want to add a gazebo to your front yard, your existing deck, or as part of a backyard project, we can meet your needs, ensuring you get a perfect space where you can enjoy and relax with your family and friends.

Because of the complexity of the project, working with a qualified gazebo builder, like us, will ensure your dream becomes a reality. We work closely with our clients to provide them with custom wood projects that perfectly suit their property's size and style.

Our Custom Gazebo Toronto Designs

With a large variety of colors and materials, your new gazebo from UrbanDeck will most likely be your favorite spot to enjoy hot summer evenings.

Wood gazebos are one of our specialties. Each piece of wood we use is carefully chosen and properly maintained to ensure a high-quality look that will make your property a unique retreat.

Our gazebo designs are:

Completely Customizable: We build each gazebo construction to fit your property. We carefully follow your instructions and cater to your needs to ensure a flawless finish. You can choose the dimensions, style, and color to make your unique gazebo.

Made From Premium Materials: At UrbanDeck, we use the finest materials to create each gazebo, which results in products of the highest quality, guaranteed to last for years.

Ideal for Entertaining: Whether you want to build a new gazebo to add visual appeal to your property or have a place where you can enjoy the outdoors, a gazebo is a perfect solution. It will not only increase the value of your property but will also create an entertaining space where you can relax with family and friends.

Full Gazebo Design and Installation

The process of designing and installing a gazebo starts with a free estimate of your property. We will review what you need and determine a specific time for an evaluation.

Together we discuss what is best for your property and plan the final design with you. Our team can design the perfect gazebo to ensure your garden has the look and feel you’ve always envisioned for your home.

At UrbanDeck, we prefer discussing the project in-depth to determine more possible options that match your style, needs, and budget. Then, we will provide a quote for gazebo construction and take measurements.

We will also provide photographs of suggested wood elements, plants, and decorations to help you visualize what your space will look like.

Types of Gazebos

From folly gazebo to a pagoda, we can build different types of gazebo designs to suit your needs.

Folly Gazebo

If you want to decorate your lawn, this is the perfect gazebo design to choose. This gazebo construction acts as ornamentation. Despite being decorative, these gazebos come in a range of designs and sizes.


This is a large gazebo, suitable for bigger properties and lawns. Because of its unique look, this type of gazebo has become a popular architectural style for landmarks and old buildings.


People from Toronto love our wooden pagoda gazebos because of their unique design and Asian style. These gazebos are functional, and we can implement them in any lawn or garden.


The pergolas are long and functional constructions. They can be used as a sitting area, a place to relax, or as a decoration.