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Flat roof decks are a new trend in construction that helps maximize your outdoor space, giving you space to entertain friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. They’re an innovative alternative to traditional decks that help you use your space more efficiently.

If you’re ready to transform your home or are looking to redesign your outdoor living space, you’ve come tothe right place.At Urban Deck, we’ve mastered the art of constructing the most stunning flat roof decks.

Urban Deck Offers Flat Roof Deck Construction

Are you ready to give your flat roof a new purpose? Urban Deck can help.

We can enhance your outdoor space by transforming your flat roof into a deck. As roof deck construction experts, we will first protect your roof with high-quality wooden decking to start your rooftop deck transformation.

Our creative team will provide you with innovative designs and help you maximize your space. Using innovative rooftop deck construction methods and technologies, we give each client a personalized outdoor solution tailored to their budget and needs.

Wide Range of Materials

With a rooftop terrace, Toronto residents get to enjoy an extension of their home property. They provide residents with common living space and let them enjoy the breathtaking views.

As a licensed roof deck construction company, we build functional and durable decks out of high-quality wood. Our deck builders design wooden decks that are accurately planned and compliant to building standards. Some of our bestselling deck material choices include:

  • Composite wood
  • IPE wood
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Redwood
  • Mahogany
  • And other materials

Maximize Your Space with a Rooftop Deck

A flat roof deck can completely transform the space by taking the roof of your house and turning it into a functional area. Depending on your lifestyle needs and the way your space is arranged, we can suggest numerous ideas for maximizing the roof. This way, you can enjoy the common space with your family, friends, and loved ones.

A rooftop deck has many uses. It can go from a spot for sunbathing or meditation to a place to host your barbecue gatherings and Sunday games. It’s also an excellent place to grow a garden.

Why Choose Urban Deck for Your Flat Roof Deck

Urban Deck is an all-in-one design and construction company for residential and commercial properties. We have vast experience in roof deck construction, work with high-quality materials, and offer innovative andthoughtfully designed proposals.

Our team at Urban Deck provides the ultimate solution to transform your flat roof into a state-of-the-art outdoor living space. As your #1 choice for flat roof decks, we work hard to meet your budget, lifestyle, and specific needs. Our first-class service handles everything from design to construction.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Rooftop Deck

There are some things to consider when building your rooftop deck project. These include:

  • Your roof’s capacity – How many people can your roof handle at once? Knowing your roof’s dimensions and the number of people it can hold will determine whether it is safe to transform it into a deck.
  • The need for roof repairs – Is your roof prone to leaks? Can you access it quickly and repair the damage? It’s important to consider all the details of roof stability and maintenance.
  • Solid preparation – Does your current roof require arrangements for adding a deck?
  • Your view – If your view is clear and there are no objects in front of you, the possibilities for rooftop decks are endless.

When you work with Urban Deck, you can the planning, designing, and construction to us. We’ll take the above factors into account to design a flat roof deck that’s tailored to your property.

Our Process of Building a Rooftop Deck

We believe in using high-quality wooden materials as a great way to promote beautiful and functional rooftop terraces in Toronto. As a leading flat roof deck construction company, we select only the best materials and pride ourselves on our designs.

Before installing your new flat roof deck, we will make sure that your roof is waterproof and stable. Your roof must be able to sustain a minimum of 55 pounds/square foot. It’s also essential to weatherproof the roof to avoid water leaks or damage in your interior.

Our team has the best designers and contractors to help you create a functional space that you can customize to your needs. We stand by our craftsmanship and promote high-quality wooden materials with a lifetime warranty.

Our main goal is to communicate and consult with you to decide which material is suitable for your area and what your unique needs are. For instance, sustainably sourced wood is an excellent solution. It is an eco-friendly material that holds up well against moisture or mould.

Flat roof decks are an outstanding addition to any home, whether it’s small or big. Still, there is some careful planning, preparation, and construction that goes into the project. If you need a roof deck construction for your home or weekend house, give Urban Deck a call so we can start planning the outdoor living space of your dreams.