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Welcome to UrbanDeck – a leader in deck and fence building, design, and implementation. We are your complete fencing solution company. From fence sketching to fence repair, we are here to suit your personal needs.

We provide the people of Toronto many types of fencing options, including custom fences, wooden fences, sound-barrier fences, security fences, and more. No project is too small or too big for us. With years of experience, our highly trained experts are among the best in the field and are qualified to provide you with the designs you need and the quality you deserve.

Free Estimate for All of Our Clients

We know our potential clients don’t want to pay extra to find out what a fence project is going to cost them. That is why at UrbanDeck, we offer free estimates.

Our estimates ensure that you will know what a fence installation project will cost you. They will also allow you to see where the investment money will be going. You can compare prices, set up a budget, and we will make sure to satisfy all of your needs.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team. We will work up a free estimate and provide you with all the information you need.

With high-quality products, free estimates, and affordable prices, you can put your trust in UrbanDeck.

Why Choose UrbanDeck for Fences Toronto

When you choose UrbanDeck to install new fences, you will first meet with a professional Fence contractor Toronto and a qualified designer who will provide ideas based on your budget and requirements. After this, our design department will outline plans for you to approve. We aim to satisfy all of your fence needs and create a design that is precisely what you want for your residential or commercial property.

Efficient: Our team of experts works quickly to minimize your waiting time. We always deliver on time, within your budget. From start to finish, UrbanDeck makes sure you are satisfied with the outcome of our work.

Respected: As a leading contractor for fence installation in Toronto, we have a reputation for superb and reliable service. No project is too big or small for us to handle. We will get any project done, on time, according to your specifications.

Affordable: The team at UrbanDeck proudly serves the people from Toronto, whether large or small clients. No matter what size or type of fencing you need, we will provide you with quality materials and well-designed products at reasonable rates.

Both homeowners and business companies are continuously choosing UrbanDeck to enhance the beauty and increase the value of their properties. We work hard to provide our clients with high-quality fences that not only have visual appeal but also deliver years of security and privacy.

Wood Fences Toronto: Residential and Commercial

At UrbanDeck, we provide custom wood fences services across the Toronto area. We select only the best materials to ensure the highest quality designs and installation.

Residential Fences Toronto

A wooden fence is popular among homeowners. At UrbanDeck, we provide a large variety of wooden fences that are sure to suit your property’s style and needs. Our fences can add value, security, and privacy to your home. Whether you prefer a more classic look or something unique, we can cater to your needs and deliver the best creation within a specific time frame.

Many homeowners choose a wood security fence to increase privacy and block unwanted sights from surrounding traffic. Our wood fences also provide pet protection and establish a safe place for kids to play.

Wood fences come in different sizes and styles and can be implemented on any property or terrain. Our Fence installers have many years of experience with wooden fence design and installation and are committed to providing unmatched service from day one.

Commercial Fence Design and Installation

At UrbanDeck, we also specialize in competitive, high-quality commercial fence design and installation. We service all types of fence projects across the Toronto area. No matter how simple or complex your project is, our team of experts can assist you in building your dream fence to suit your budget and needs.

The primary purpose of our commercial fences is safety. We design safe and visually appealing fences that complete your property. Having a well-designed fence can draw clients in and keep out unwanted intruders.

How to Select The Right Fence for Your Needs

To decide what type of fence best suits your residential or commercial needs, answer the following questions:

The location of the fence

Are you familiar with your property lines? Do you have any zoning requirements?

The purpose of your fence

What is the purpose of the fence installation? Is it privacy, security, pet containment, child protection, or something else?

The type of fence

Do you have any zoning requirements on fence heights or styles? What about fence material?

Desired completion date

For a timely installation, consider all your property needs. Are you coordinating the fence with deck installation? Our team of experts will meet your needs and satisfy your requirements on time, without delays.

We offer various color choices. We also present numerous designs that would improve the look of your property and act as security protection. Good-quality and durable fencing are our specialties, helping improve the outdoor living area and provide a convenient place to spend some of your best moments of leisure and enjoyment.

Our long-lasting fences come in exclusive shapes and sizes. We can make your front garden or backyard look more impressive and secure.